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Tourism in Taranagar

Taranagar, just like many other cities of Rajasthan, is of great historical importance. You an see many ancient temples, pilgrim places and historical monuments in the city that attract many tourists here , especially history loving people.

Places to visit in Taranagar

Taranagar is famous for its antiquity. There is a well known Jain temple built in 942 here that has very old statues of Jain Thirthankars. Chhatri of Anand Singhji and Tara Singhji or saint’s homes, which are 2 km away from the town, are quite popular. Shyam Pandia is another famous temple, which is said to be as old as Dwapar Yug. It is a little away from the town. There is a myth associated with this temple. After Pandavas won the battle of Kurukshethra, Bhima of was sent here to invite for the service or blessings of Saint Shyam Pandia, the then pujari of the temple, for the Tilak ceremony of Yudhishtira.

How to reach to Taranagar

Tourism in Taranagar
There is no airport in Taragarh. Those, who coming from far away cities of India, depend on Hisar Airport, which is situated at 89.8 km distance from the town. Other major airports near Taranagar are the following.
  • Bathinda Airport 178.4 km
  • Nal Airport 190.7 km

The town does not have a railway station. But there are many other railway stations near to the town that are mainly used to reach the town. Hadyal, which is located nearly 28 km away from Taranagar is the nearest railway station. Some nearer railway stations to Taranagar are as follows.
  • Dokwa railway station - 30.7 km
  • Hansiawas railway station – 34.2 km
  • Anupshahr railway station – 34.6 km
  • Sidmukh railway station – 34.8 km
  • Sadalpur Jn – 34.84 km
  • Churu – 42.6 km
  • Ratangarh Jn – 77.63 km
  • Loharu – 80.01 km
  • Mandi Adampur – 80.57 km
  • Bhattu – 85.59 km
  • Hisar – 86.29 km

Other major railway stations near to Taranagar are the following.
  • Rothak Jn – 152.77 km
  • Rewari – 162 km
  • Bhatinda Jn – 171.79 km
Tourism in Taranagar

Taranagar town is well connected with all other main cities of Rajasthan and other states through road networks. It is served by roadway organizations of many states, taxi operators and private buses. There is a garden named Gandhi Upwan close to the bus stand and police station in the east of the town, which is maintained by the municipality. Rajasthan state PWD runs a rest-house for visiting officials here.

The main private bus services in Taranagar are:

Choudhary Travels Taranagar
Address: Hardayal Ji Saharan,
Taranagar, Churu, Rajasthan, 331304
Phone number: 9950080900, 9462596111

Hingraj Travels
Address: New Bus Stand, Taranagar,
Churu,  Opposite Police Thana,
Rajasthan, 331304
Phone number: 8058038716

Food in Taranagar

Rajasthan is rich with diverse cuisines that attract many tourists here. Even though limited in number and size, there are some quality restaurants in Taranagar, where tourists can taste the traditional local dishes of the state along with other cuisines. Some of the popular dining options in the city are given here.

Shree Maharaja Restaurant
Address: Rajgarh Road,
Taranagar, Churu, 331304

Hari Om Hotel & Restaurant
Address: Rajgarh Road, Near Petrol Pump,
Taranagar, Churu, Rajasthan, 331304
Phone number: 9828359130, 9783505533
Working hours: Monday to Saturday: 09:30 am to 06:30 pm
Sunday: Closed

Tourism in Taranagar

Balaji Juice Center
Address: Rajgarh Road, Near Government Hospital,
Taranagar, Churu, Rajasthan, 331304
Phone number: 1562 241431
Working hours: Monday to Sunday: 09:00 am to 08:00 pm

Saini Restaurant & Juice Company

Addres: Near Purana Bus Stand,
Taranagar, Churu, Rajasthan, 331304
Phone number: 9785487600
Working hours: Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 08:00 pm

Shiv Juice Corner
Address: Main Market, Taranagar,
Churu, Rajasthan, 331304
Phone number: 9982 116879
Working hours: Monday to Sunday: 09:00 am to 08:00 pm

Accommodation in Taranagar

Hotels or resorts with star facilities are rare in Taranagar, as it is a small town. However, there are some fine lodging facilities here. Besides, visitors also depend on other hotels in nearby cities of Churu district. Some of the famous hotels in Churu district near Taranagar are Annapurna Hotel, Royal Hotel, Hotel Natraj, Rathore Lodge, Raj Hans Hotel, Hotel Chirmi, Taj Hotel & Restaurant, Jai Ram Anand Hotel etc.

One main hotel in Taranagar is Prem Sharma
Address: Prem Sharma, Rajgarh Road,
Taranagar, Churu, Rajasthan, 331304
Phone number: 9828472295, 7665129048

Shopping in Taranagar

Taranagar has been emerging as a significant place among its surrounding villages, as it provides facilities for selling their produce, shopping, trade, children’s education and institutional interaction etc. The main bazar is located in the center of the town. Besides this, there are many shop-clusters or markets that specializing in vegetables, fruits, medicines, footwear etc in Taranagar.

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